Friday, 11 May 2007

This an A and B conversation so C yourself out!

Disintermediation ... is giving the user or the consumer direct access to information that otherwise would require a mediator, such as a salesperson, a librarian, or a lawyer. Observers of the Internet and the World Wide Web note that these new technologies give users the power to look up medical, legal information, travel, or comparative product data directly, in some cases removing the need for the mediator (doctor, lawyer, salesperson) or at the very least changing the relationship between the user and the product or service provider.

So all in all this should be the best thing that could of happened to man right?

Today, disintermediation is supposedly dooming distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and all other intermediaries between manufacturers (or service providers) and the ultimate customer. Because the Internet lets customers connect to and order from the primary source of a product, there's presumably no need for traditional distribution channels and their costs and delays. The great role model for all of this is, whose success in the book business has caused much annoyance and gnashing of teeth in many other industries.

The view of the impact of the Internet on distribution channels is that it will eliminate them. The reality is that customers need a significant amount of value to be added to most products before they can buy and use them. Think about an air-conditioning system: A customer needs help to determine how much air conditioning he or she requires, which system to buy, and what related products--duct work, for instance--are needed. The customer also will likely need help installing and maintaining the system. Who is going to provide all this value? Certainly not the manufacturer, which has no local presence and may not have all the needed skills. This value needs to be provided by the distribution channel, which is here to stay, but not in its current form.

Fair enough , is it really that bad? I dont think so at least we have a direct commuination link to ceratin things we wish to find out ..the pain of holding on the phone waiting to be connected to the right department days are long gone.Poeple should learn to embrace new technologies as a gift ratherthan a curse ,its cuts out time constraints by half at times , and reduces risk.

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