Friday, 11 May 2007

Astroturfing :The Problems

Deceitfulness, is there any better way to describe astroturfing and then what are the problems with being deceitful???

The problem is as much as we human beings love to tell lies ,we hate to be lied to ..true.. ? Very true it defies any ethical part of business culture..Business are suppose to be transparent and visible and yet more and more our intelligences are being insulted.

This why campaigns have been devised to try , control and conquer the way in which business are manipulating their consumers . .

Arguably every new technology creates hidden effects in its environment, rearranging the social order it penetrates. Many of these effects are linked to ethical issues. Some are eternal issues such as censorship and free speech, but others have new names and dimensions, and may even be new issues. Because of this the CIPR website has set up a set of guideleines /Code of Conduct for practioners to follow in order to keep certain standards .Intregrity,Confidentiality and Competence .

Ehtics can be defined as how someones actions are 'right' or 'wrong' and acts as a sytem of moral values and principles.Astroturfing defies integrity competence and confidentiality , people have lack of trust and are forced intodigital divide.

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